Complete Gardening and

Landscaping Services

With us, your garden will be in the best hands!

Residential and commercial gardening services

About Romero Landscaping and Maintenance

We have over 25 years of experience in residential and commercial gardening services.

We offer honesty, professionalism and competitive prices. We are a family business that cares about offering the best service to its customers.

We serve in the Thousand Oaks area.


We provide complete gardening and landscaping services.
Maintenance & Clean Up
Our services include maintenance and repair of irrigation systems.
Irrigation systems
We also provide services for trimming and pruning trees.

We provide a wide array of services

Landscape Drought Resistant
Stump Removal
Recurring Maintenance
Tree Planting
Tree Pruning
Palm Tree Services


We want to serve you for all your gardening needs!

We are reliable
You can ask for references of our work. We take the necessary time to make your garden green and flawless so that you and your family can enjoy it regardless of the time of year.
We are experts
We can help you transform a dry and lifeless garden into a beautiful place full of flowers and plants. We install automated irrigation systems. Our experience allows us to do a good job in the shortest possible time.
Tree Service
We trim and shape trees, clean up fallen branches, and completely remove trees from your lawn.

We are there when you need us most!

• We prune or install new grass

• Weekly, biweekly or monthly maintenance services

• We transform patios and gardens

• We install planters, sections of cobblestone, gravel or cement

• We put fertilizer or mulch

• We remove garbage

• We cut shrubs

• We remove stumps

• And much more!

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We are specialists in creating and maintaining beautiful gardens!

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